Wednesday, December 8, 2010


"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up" - Paul Valery

At some point I fell asleep on this blog. The title started with the above quote. It's a simple quote but has a great message. Dreams come true if you act on them.

I don't recall the original motivation for starting this blog. It might have been from the expectation that an artist must be posting work 24/7 to prove he/she is an artist. Perhaps it was to prove to myself that I'm an artist. Or maybe it was to add to my chances of getting a job. Whatever the case may be it doesn't matter any longer.

For some time I've thought about taking this site down. My mind is in a different place now. I still draw but not like I used to. Drawing is more personal for me now. I still do my own 3d work but with varying reasons. I don't feel the urge to prove anything in these mediums any longer.

This blog will end as of this post. I removed all the old posts because they no longer represent who I am and what I intend to be in this life. I enjoyed it for the small time that I particpated in blogging my artwork. I never got much out of it as much as I did seeing others posting their work. Although I'm grateful for those that stopped by my blog and took the time to comment. Thank you.

Ending this blog doesn't mean I won't be creating original art or being productive. Those close to me know I have plenty of creative outlets. But what it does mean is that I can move on. With the end of this blog I can wake up again.